• WordsWords
    Unscramble letters to create words from one of seven categories: Musical Artists, Animals, Drinks, Food, Actors, Countries, or Hostorical People!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Gem DropGem Drop
    In this fancy looking game you have to try and create clusters of three or more gems to make them disappear.
  • Mahjong BurgerMahjong Burger
    Take Mahjong to the diner as you try to prepare all the orders before they fall on the ground. Find the matching ingredients to make it happen!
  • Pop N DropPop N Drop
    Try to shoot the colored balls at the other ones to get big combos and rack up the points!
  • Sudoku HeroSudoku Hero
    Classic sudoku! Fill each box, row, and column with the numbers 1 through 9! Use logic to figure out how each number fits in each space!

additional favorite games

  • Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
    Oh no! You're going to be boiled alive unless you can make words out of scrambled letters. Race to create words to keep from being eaten!
  • Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle
    Can you fit all of the blocks in the Frame? It is harder than it looks.
  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.