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Strategy Games:

Check out all the Strategy Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Shadow War

Shadow War Send out your units to destroy the enemy! Upgrade to more powerful versions of each soldier as you defend your base against the enemy shadows!


UDE Destroy the enemy's base before they destroy yours! Place soldiers strategically and choose how to spend your valuable crystals wisely.

Sky Control

Sky Control Take on the stressful job of an air-traffic controller! Guide the planes on their way through the sky without crashing them into each other!

Azul Baronis

Azul Baronis Your plans to enslave the whole universe are being stopped by a group of fighters. You must fight back to maintain your position as dictator!

Pirates of Teelonians

Pirates of Teelonians Defend yourself from the enemy attack that is trying to steal the captain's gold! Use your units to fight off the enemies and protect your booty!

Ghost Caravan

Ghost Caravan Place towers along the convoy road in order to do the most damage to the caravan that will travel on it! Collect cash from the wreckage.


Chasm Guide the souls across the chasm to safety before the world collapses! Save as many as you can, and don't let the demons get across.

Star Mass

Star Mass Build up your fleet and collect helpful items from battles and abandoned wreckage! Destroy all enemy ships as you fly through space!

Mystic Cards 2

Mystic Cards 2 Play cards in order to send out soldiers and other warriors to destroy the enemy. Combine cards to build strong units to fight off the enemy!

Knead For Speed

Knead For Speed Can you keep up with the bread-making process? Move the dough from worker to worker and make sure they all get their jobs done!

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